My first anniversary with same client (iCMG): A Guidance for Writers!

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Freelancing is usually considered synonymous with jumping from one client to another as working with the same client, iCMG, as I do, is a rare occurring on Upwork.

It was my first anniversary with the iCMG media on Upwork.

Apparently, it is a non-issue. But for all those aspirants who are seeking their maiden chance as a writer, it is a content written in gold’s ink.

Mostly the freelancing opportunities are short-term as they are a one-time job, a writing task or a translation, or e-book writing for a few weeks.

What is iCMG

But iConcept Media Group (iCMG) provides a wonderful opportunity and a platform for writers across the globe to work for it through Upwork.

One such opportunity was provided to me by the organization last year, this day, on May 3, 2019.

It changed my life!

The most critical thing was that it was my first job on Upwork, and the job description was the most exciting part. I always wanted to be a journalist, and though I was by education a journalist, I had little practical exposure.

iCMG provided me with that experience and exposure, with such liberty and editorial discretion that it became for me a lifetime opportunity.

In a way, personal experience can become the guiding principle for all the aspirants who are looking for a career in writing.

What You should do as a Beginner!

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The toughest part of any field is the beginning. At the start of one’s career, everyone is passionate, excited, nervous, and uncertain.

In the beginning, every freelance writer should look for steady work and put maximum efforts in order to be ingenious. Remember, writing is all about passion for research and knowledge.

Currently, what’s happening that most of the writers are writing for everything but the love for writing. It results in a content that is hardly creative or analytical, and more looks like the amendments and exchange of adjectives.

In a nutshell, a writer gets money without adding to the knowledge not only of the reader but also of himself.


If a beginner has to write an article, he should read at least five or six articles and research the background of the topic he has undertaken. Only after taking into diverse aspects from different schools and across the newspapers or other available sources, he should uncap his pen for writing.

What a beginner should not do!

Currently, although the freelance market is flourishing rapidly, it has become increasingly competitive. In other words, finding work is not as easy for a beginner as it was in the past years.

Understandably, why a client should hire you if you are a newbie or first-timer, especially if he has so many options with experience and reliability.

But still, as a beginner, you have a right to exist, haven’t you?

So, what you should never do is be not selective during the initial phase of your career. Grab any opportunity that presents itself to you, and never think about the little money that is coming with it.

Once you are hired, you should religiously attach yourself with the client’s cause. Never make him realize that he is exploiting you by giving little money in exchange for a huge task.

Lastly, never work mechanically as the client is no fool. Your level of interest and knowledge would be gauged sooner rather than later.

But it is not only due to the client but for yourself too that you should work with dedication for what you do. If there is no passion for work, you are doomed as a writer or whatever you have been tasked to do.

The love for learning and growing with a growing organization is the best chance you have to grab if you want stability and success. Trust me, money follows inevitably.

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