Nigerian Crowd Kills Teen Suspected of Being a Suicide Bomber

A teenage girl was beaten to death in Nigeria after a crowd suspected the girl of being a suicide bomber.

Police reported that the crowd murdered the young girl, and then set her body on fire. Meanwhile, a second suspected suicide bomber was arrested in Muda Lawal, a market in Bauchi City.

Many believe that the girls were servants and working for the widely known terrorist group, Boko Haram. This group wants to enforce Islamic law throughout Nigeria.

Yam vendor, Mohd Adamu, said that the two girls raised suspicions that day after they refused to be searched by officials before entering the market, something all guests are supposed to do.

When the girl refused to be searched a crowd gathered around her and discovered that two bottles were strapped to her body. The crowd did not take the discovery with ease, and clubbed the girl to death. They then continued to cover her in gasoline and set he on fire.

Police Deputy Superintendent, Mohammad Haruna, remains uncertain whether or not she was actually a suicide bomber at all, and they questioned that if she was, why did she not set off the bomb after she was discovered. Haruna claims that the girl was affected by “mob action carried out by an irate crowd.”

It’s clear that the people of Nigeria are standing on their tippy toes in response to the Boko Haram. The terrorist group has clearly made everyone uneasy, and ready to strike any one who could be involved with their attacks, or if they suspect they could be involved with the Islamic group.

Photo By: Sani Maikatanga/AP


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