President Trump and Sadiq Khan

“The capital needed a new mayor as soon as possible,” President Trump re-tweeted by mentioning the killings in the city. “Khan is a disaster and will only get worse,” he added. It’s not the first time that President Trump has attacked Mayor Sadiq Khan. He criticized Sadiq Khan and referred to him as a “national disgrace.”

In London, within twenty-four hours, five violent attacks took place; three men are dead, and three are seriously injured. The labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said that the incident was awful while Mr. President used the words “tragedy of people being murdered to attack the mayor.”

The number of patrolling is increased in London after the attacks. According to tweets, it is the president’s long-running feud with Mayor Sadiq Khan. Katie Hopkins, a right-wing commentator, tweeted a post about the violence in London. And there Donald Trump retweeted and called the Mayor a national disgrace stating that the city would need a new mayor as soon as possible.

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It is not a one-time tweet attack

President Trump has antagonized mayor Sadiq Khan a few times. While repeatedly stating that the city needs a new mayor in one tweet, he went on to write that Khan is a national disgrace in another. In reaction, the mayor is quite smart and conveyed stating that violence has no place in the city at all, and there is no greater interest for him than the city’s safety. Mr. Khan’ spokesman said that mayor is concentrating on the victim’s families and he is not going to answer to this kind of tweet. Along with this, the spokesman has also said, the mayor was concentrating on supporting London’s communities and overstretching the emergency services.

What people are thinking

The labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has supported Mr. Khan saying that the Mayor is appropriately supporting the police to accelerate their task. Katie Hopkins, on the other hand, is in the process of spreading “hateful and divisive rhetorics.” It was also inferred from his tweet that the city’s leadership is being divided at a time when they need to work together.

Dr. Jeremy Oliver, a London-based clinical psychologist, said: “London’s Mayor is addressing the causes of knife crime with progressive policies, while the US President is creating division”. Along with this, Dr. Oliver has concentrated on other factors which are invoking this kind of incident in the city. According to him, in his works with young people at Tower Hamlet, he has observed that lack of education opportunities, job prospect, and genuine bewilderment extinguishes the hope, optimism, and potentials of young adults. Wealth inequality and funding cuts are directly connected with the increase of this kind of crimes over the last decade. When basic needs are not being met, and hope dies early, this kind of incidents takes place for sure. Khan is suggesting establishing Young Londoners Fund to support young people and promoting good house measures rightly.