Top 10 Exciting Christmas Movies to Watch this Festive Season

Christmas is here. As we all start preparing for this festive season, we crave the feeling of comfort and fun which comes from staying in bed all day and watching cute Christmas movies. The cozy vibes of Christmas are a must and need to be protected at all costs. Securing the coziness of Christmas comes right from preparing a fine list of all the amazing Christmas movies which enhance the spark of the season. 

This year, lots of movies are going to bless our eyes with some of their anticipated Christmas themes. Perhaps, this is the best part about the festive season you get to find some really refreshing movies which aim to bring a wide Christmas grin to tiresome faces.



Top 10 Exciting Christmas Movies

So, grab up your notebooks and start making up the list of the top ten finest Christmas movies which are a must-watch this Christmas season.

Falling For Christmas

Everyone, please welcome the queen of Christmas movies, our very own Lindsay Lohan. She’s making a grand comeback with this movie. So, you better watch it because there is more to the movie than a Christmas-time love story. The story revolves around friendship, family, temptations, choices, and of course the spirit of Christmas. Lindsay has perfectly portrayed the role of an amnesia patient while being with the heartthrob Chord Overstreet. Though the movie was released in the early weeks of November, if you haven’t watched it yet, add it to your checklist and watch it on Christmas Eve.

Where to Watch: Netflix 

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Christmas carols are always the best part of Christmas. When the fun of a Christmas carol mingles with some amazing animation, that’s exactly when the amazing Christmas carol “Scrooge” is created. If you have gone through Charles Dickens’s classic novel, you must be familiar with the character of Ebenezer Scrooge who is known for everything bad. This movie comically lets us peek into the life of Scrooge on Christmas Eve, and it’s interesting to see how this single night changes his whole life. The film has earned quite amazing reviews as of yet so you can definitely add it to your Christmas movies checklist.

Where to Watch: Netflix

 The Hip Hop Nutcracker 

The joy of Christmas is incomplete without some really good hip-hop music and dance which brightens up the spirit. The Hip Hop Nutcracker is the contemporary version of the traditional quest movies where the hero had a mission to accomplish.

We find Maria-Clara all set to bring her parents back and on her way, she makes some lifelong memories followed by some great friends. Her journey consists of various stops and throughout she goes through a series of feelings. It’s a kind of musical with lots of comic action and emotions. Of course, you are going to find the classical nutcracker and the toy maker too in the story but in a reimagined modern avatar. If you love movies where happy endings make you teary-eyed, this is surely a perfect choice for you then.

Where to Watch: Disney+

Your Christmas or Mine

Sometimes a split-second decision can turn out to be an unforgettable memory for the whole life. Hayley and James both make a split-second decision to swap the trains for a perfect Christmas surprise and it turns out to be anything but a pleasant surprise. When they find their Christmas swapping in s direction even unexpected for them, things become much more intriguing.

It’s amazing to see how this young couple tries to make amends with conventional families on Christmas and how this Christmas becomes the most unforgettable one of their lives. With a lot of drama, some cute Christmas romance, and the comical effect of the characters, this is the film you need to watch as you sit across from your family and relish the joy of family life this Christmas.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

The Noel Diary

Ever loved a story where two people meet at the crossroads of their fates and this changes their future? The Noel Diary is such a story. A bestseller author has everything in life but he still craves the secret about his past. A woman who wants to end the wounds of the past which have shattered her present. When they encounter each other, it is revealed that fate has some strange plans which can kill their curiosity. This movie is perfect for the ones who love thrillers with a unique touch of emotion.

Where to Watch: Netflix

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Are you the one who has been a staunch Ryan Reynolds army in the past? Well, now is your time to celebrate the season of festivity because Ryan is back with his unique touch to the classic work of Dickens. The story follows the magical journey of the acclaimed miserly misanthrope who is on a quest to play with the morality of a self-obsessed narcissist and tends to change his habits right before Christmas. It’s a classical Christmas carol but with a modern world take. The best thing about the movie is its musical nature because you are going to vibe with all the rhythms of the Christmas season.

Where to Watch: Apple TV

Violent Night

Whether it’s Christmas or any other day, the need for some action never dies. Well, this movie brings everything which you won’t be expected on Christmas Eve. A grand invasion of the mercenaries, some family drama, fear, and violence, and the last surprise is our very own Santa Claus in the form of Stranger Things sensation David Harbor. 

Santa is playing a very different role in this movie. You are not just going to find a loving cute old man but Santa is going to be the savior with an unconventional look. This movie is a huge treat for all the Santa fans out there who want to see the old-bearded buddy in a new avatar. Till now, the movie isn’t available on any streaming platform but you can definitely watch it in theatres nearby because it’s worth watching.

Where to Watch:  Theatres (Book Tickets on The Violent Night Official Website)

The Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special

I know that there is a whole lot of fandom out there whose Christmas is incomplete without a Marvel show. Last year, Marvel surprised everyone with Hawkeye which was set in the holiday setting. This year, Marvel is letting the fandoms watch their heroes spend their holidays in full zeal. The movie is everything you can expect in a conventional marvel movie. 

There’re holidays with a taste of adventure, some secret plans, and a lot of action to accomplish the mission. In addition to this, you will also find those conventional Marvel friendships which let us all desire lifelong bonding. So, if you are planning to be with your friends during the holidays, add it to your watchlist without an ounce of doubt.

Where to watch: Disney+

Matilda The Musical

Roald Dahl’s very dear Matilda is here to grab all your attention because doesn’t like ignorance. This musical movie follows the story of Matilda who is courageous, sharp-witted, and clever enough to resist the strictness of her parents. In addition to this, we find her a very strict headteacher who wants to develop his authority over the entire school and especially Matilda. Matilda knows that the school is a hard place to survive for some but she’s one of her names. So, she embarks on a journey of correcting the behavior of her parents and the monstrous teacher. It’s a fun movie to watch with your children on Christmas Eve to bring childhood nostalgia back into the holidays.

Where to Watch: Netflix

A Christmas Story Christmas

Christmas is the time when the family is around you and together every member of the family wants to make their Christmas a perfect one. A Christmas Story Christmas is a sequel to the much acclaimed A Christmas Story. The movie is a family drama as we find Ralphie who is the head of the family trying his best for the perfect Christmas. 

Ralphie carries the nostalgia of childhood in his heart and once again wants those days of Christmas back through his children. As he tries to give a magical Christmas feeling to his children, we find that things do not go exactly according to Ralphie’s plan but on their own accord. It’s interesting to see Ralphie’s reaction when things move in an unplanned direction. You can watch this with your whole family on Christmas Eve and reminisce about the best memories of your perfect Christmas.

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Final Take

Tis’ a season to be jolly. Share the joy of Christmas together with your family with these amazing Christmas movies. The best part about Christmas is the watchlist where each and every movie tends to be different than the other. 

As you are with your loved ones this season, enhance the homely feelings by sipping hot cocoas, wearing Santa sweaters, and reindeer stockings, and lying on your couch as these movies bring you to another world.

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