What happens when World’s most powerful man exact revenge?

world's most powerful man

President Trump’s impeachment, trial, and acquittal now seem to be a tale of an egalitarian society, catering to the rule of law above its most powerful man.

But at the end of the day, the whole duration of the impeachment, spanning around two months, turned out to be an exciting tv season whose end was as disappointing as that of Game of Thrones’ last season.

Most recently, the wounded pride of President Trump, who is less known for his diplomatic excellence than by the sexual controversies, has resulted in the firing of two officials. Both of them had the temerity to testify against the world’s most powerful man in the impeachment case.

When one of the witnesses asked him how dared he did it; he said he believed it is America where rights are catered.


President Trump fired two crucial impeachment witnesses, dismissing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council, and US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

First of the witness to become the “collateral damage” to this presidential impeachment was the US envoy to the EU, Gordon Sondland. Trump ordered to recall him “effective immediately”.

Just hours before that, Lt Col Alexander Vindman, a top expert on Ukraine, “was escorted from the White House”.

As the sword of the presidential wrath fell on two key witnesses, one twin brother also received some major cuts. Yevgeny Vindman, who is Vindman’s brother and a senior lawyer for the National Security Council, was also sent back to the Department of the Army on Friday

Mr Sondland was very explicit in his testimony, last year November, that the Ukrainian President’s visit to White House, a covetous favor, was conditional on Kyiv launching investigations against the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. The would-be investigation could be politically helpful to President Trump.

Lt Col Vindman also testified that reflected the president’s quid pro quo intentions. Vindman said he was “concerned” after hearing Mr Trump’s “improper” phone call on 25 July last year with Ukraine’s president.

When Vindman was asked about the would-be retaliation in the face of his audacious move,  Lt Col Vindman replied: “Congressman, because this is America… and here, right matters.”

But perhaps, he was wrong; or if not mistaken, he was tricked by the political actualities of the democratic ideals. The most powerful man in the world eventually exacted his revenge.

Awakening from a Dream

However, the acquittal seems to be the awakening from a long dream, a dream that depicted a country enforcing the rule of law.

But it raises questions too. Like what kind of the rule of law depends on the majority or minority of the jury? What would happen if Congressmen were led by a Democratic majority? Wasn’t at the end of the day, the whole impeachment saga was reduced into the voting of a legislative bill, whose fate depends upon the number of defenders and opposers?

Yet the Republicans went a step further, for they not only voted on the voice of conscience but also obstructed the justice from happening. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used parliamentary procedures to bar witnesses from even appearing in the trial. Wasn’t it but an act obstructing justice?

John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor John Bolton could have completely blown up the president’s defense if he was allowed to testify.

Now the witnesses who testified against Trump will be met with the same fate the minority sect was treated after the conquest in preceding times.

At the end of this case, everything question is settled, but one: is the structure of law too rigid to implement worth it?

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