caafd collective showcase

As the CAAFD hosts its new edition of the Designer Collective Showcase, it is unveiling some of the industry’s best as it hosts the show for this season. Finely selected for the next generation fashion world, the CAAFD has brought from all corners of the world, the finest fashion designers who are debuting in the industry. With awe-struck audience and mindblowing styles filling the atmosphere of the city of New York between 4th and 12th of September, in the Collective Showcase along with other simultaneously running shows, including the Solo showcases, the CAAFD unveils the following designers as the bests in the craft, and relatively new to the game.

Moon Chang, MFA.

The CAAFD handpicked Moon Chang to feature on its Collective Showcase this season because of her exceptional creativity. She was trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2019 and emerged as the first prize winner. Her works were featured in Vogue Italia, L’Officiel, Modernism Magazine, Schon, Bullett, Alpha, Flawless, IM, Yoko, WWD, Zinc, Neu Neu Media, Notes, and Yahoo, to name a few.

She has been considered one of the rare gems that have been in the fashion industry with a very promising career ahead of her. A clear reason why Moon Chang is one of the few designers chosen as part of the CAAFD  IM’Possible Challenge Program. A program designed to empower and motivate recent graduates in the fashion industry. 

Sweta Agrawal

The entrepreneur founder and curator of A Humming Way, Sweta Agrawal is set to unveil in this season’s CAAFD Collective showcase with her intriguing touch of class, creativity, and high standard fashion styles. With all the confidence from the hearts of India, Sweta is taking the stage in style to showcase her elegant fashion styles as she makes her debut into the fashion industry this week.

Her brand, A Humming Way, is characterized by its rich Rajasthani heritage with some touches of Western-style owing to her wide travel experiences across the world.

Farida Temraz

Does women ready-to-wear, free-spirited wears, wedding dresses, and evening wear interest you? You wouldn’t want to miss the showcase of her exceptional designs made under her brand, Tamraza.

Farida Tamraz has made a significant mark in the fashion industry with her out-of-this-world sense of fashion style. Her designs have been displayed and worn by stars on various occasions. Cases include the Country Music star, Carrie Underwood at the CMT Artiste Awards, the red carpet at the Oscars, Grammy, Emmy’s, SAG Awards and many others. Her brand has won the heart of many celebrities and the fans thereafter.

María Sonia

This designer with a very strong background of creativity will be featured in the CAAFD Collective Showcase as one of the specially picked, top emerging designers for this season. She has made it up the ladder of fashion emergents with the help of her family and most of all, her enthusiasm for the game. You don’t want to miss seeing her craftiness spurred from Gaza, tulle, organza, and taffeta all combined seamlessly with technological processes as they take the set stage of New York City.

Kadri Klampe

The founder of Yufash, a super creative designer with a knack for innovation and extreme taste of fashion style. Kadri Klampe features in this season’s edition of the CAAFD Collective Showcase with her fashion designs radiating her Estonian origin with a blend of English sense. The brand, Yufash, and its founder have grown pretty popular across nations and they are set to take their game to the next level.

Phoenix Ba

The Toronto-based designer is set to bring her Canadian style design to the blocks of New York as she was selected to showcase her designs at the CAAFD Collective Showcases. Phoenix Ba, with so much story to tell, has brought to New York designs that are seemingly out of the human thoughts. Indeed, you can call it the thinking-outside-the-box designs for elegance and influence. With Phoenix Ba, there is a story to every stitch and flow of fabric.

New York Fashion is at the brim of its ecstasy at the moment and the CAAFD Collective Showcase has brought even more life to everything that is fashion related. Brace yourself as the event unfold, watch the models flow effortlessly in the elegance of these designs, and let your mind drift through the stories that come with each stitch, each fabric, each design, and each designer line.