The Best and Worst of the Shopping Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many are scurrying to make holiday wish lists. There are sale announcements flooding the inbox and special deals around every corner. While some have already finished their holiday shopping, there are a large number of people who are late shoppers and hurry before the last price tag falls.

There are a number of best and worst parts about the holiday season that lead many shoppers to lose their patience and dignity over an item that has gone on sale. Some may wonder if it is really worth the fight, standing in long lines, dragging the in-laws and kids out to the stores at midnight. While there are others who don’t even question whether the fight for a sale item is worth it because there are other incentives that go along with that purchased item. Like seeing their loved one smile and be full of excitement for their new item which will eventually, in coming months be tossed in an unwanted pile and sent off to a local goodwill.

Yes, even the items fought for in long lines and crowded stores can be tossed away as if it meant nothing to begin with. So to determine if the upcoming shopping season is worth the risk, here is a list of pros and cons.


Loved Ones-StyleFT

  1. Precious time spent with loved ones
  2. Bringing holiday cheer to someone in need
  3. Getting good discounts on various items
  4. Bragging rights
  5. The fun of racing to the finish line with a most wanted sale item
  6. Getting what you really dreamed about for the holiday season
  7. Redeeming yourself for all other missed holidays of the year
  8. Dressing up in the most glitzy fashions just to go shopping at the mall
  9. Being able to breathe after the last item has been bought for the season
  10. Later hours which means more time to shop for fashionistas



  1. Long lines and crowds in stores all across the country
  2. High credit card bills
  3. High risk of sell outs
  4. Be prepared to fight for some sale items
  5. There are chances of being robbed so be very alert
  6. Delay in mail
  7. Backorder or Wait lists
  8. Waiting forever to get customer service
  9. Bringing back most that was bought to exchange
  10. Being out of breath from the struggle of shopping for the season


So there it is, a list of pros and cons for shopping this holiday season. Shoppers who think it’s worth the hassle, should be prepared to experience a little bit of every symptom on the pro and con lists. To get a head start on your shopping list try This site features many popular retail ads for the upcoming shopping season.

Happy Shopping.


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