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Expensive Institutes in the World
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Universities – a place that brings a lot of experience and wisdom in one’s life. It is the time when you’re truly able to spread your wings, stand on your own feet and win as many drinking games as want and most importantly you get an education. Unfortunately, all these nifty experiences come with a pretty hefty price tag; especially when you are living in America and wants to study in expensive institutes in the United States . But, the question is how much does education really costs you in the United States.

Here are the top most expensive colleges in the United States.


10. Sarah Lawrence College – Expensive College

In this list, even though Sarah Lawrence College is the least expensive but is still pricey. Located in Yonkers, New York, it cost annually a whopping amount of $71,270. It is a stunning liberal Arts college, offering bachelor and associate degrees and is grand 44 acres campus peppered with Auditoriums, performing art centers, and historic buildings.

The primary focus of the college is on progressive education. It has only 1300 students. However, the small class size comes with a lot of advantages. Notable alumni are J.J Abrams and Vera Wang. 


9. Southern Methodist University

At $71,338 per year, Southern Methodist University is just a tad more expensive than Sarah Lawrence College. Located in Dallas, the campus proves that things really are bigger for Texas. Made of 131 buildings, spread across 234 acres, it is one of the beautiful colleges in America, but what exactly one does with all this space.

Mostly, tailgating. Southern Methodist University is a top parties school in the country with a fierce love for sports and the beloved team the Mustang. Despite the tailgating, this university has a well respected educational system with only a 49 % admission rating, and students are allowed to drop $285,000 for a four-year degree. 


8. Oberlin College

Oberlin college takes us to the North in Oberlin, Ohio. This is the earliest co-education college on the list costing $71, 392 per year. It was founded in 1833 and is massively huge on 440 acres tree-lined liberal arts college and one of the Expensive Institutes in the United States. Oberlin has made it’s marked as a university all about arts and entertainment with an art museum on the campus. Because of its outstanding history, its notable alumni Thornton Wilder and Lena Dunham.


7. University of Southern California 

This biggest university costs $71. 620 per year with 46,000 students which doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who applies gets in. It admits only 12% of freshman applicants per year. The college is located in sunny Los Angeles and has two campuses; a university park campus, and a health and science campus. 


6. Trinity college – Expensive Institute

Trinity College offers 990 courses in 41 majors and cost $71, 660 per year. The extensive focus on sustainability and progressive activates for its students makes it stand out in the US. Trinity college has had a huge focus on sports specifically some of the most refined sports in life. 


5. Scripps College

Scripps College is a member of The Claremont Colleges and cost $71,956 per year. It is one of the smallest, on 32 acres historical landmark and expensive college in the United States. The college is covered in a beautiful garden with a nationally ranked rose garden. It also has a fruit orchid, where students can pick fruits for their own pleasure. With 50 majors, this liberal art college is a dream for many. 


4. Barnard College

Barnard College is located in New York and also the only women’s liberal arts college. It costs $72, 257 per year, and has 50 majors available. Created as an alternative to Columbia University, Barnard is located directly across the streets from Columbia and even shares several of its facilities.

Barnard, the tiniest campus on 4 acres, is located in the heart of Manhattan. It is a fan of hosting rather weird events with midnight breakfast held before finals and even a big sub-event in which over 700-foot long sub is created. 


3. Columbia University – Expensive College

Coming right across the street, you will find Columbia University bringing in a whopping $74,000 per year, making it one of expensive colleges in the United States. It posts a 5% acceptance rate beaten by Harvard only. But what makes this university most prestigious?

Well, its notable alumni include 3 US presidents, 10 Supreme court justices, and 96 Nobel Laureates, and 38 academy award winners. Columbia also hosts the 5th largest library in the States with 12,901,785 volumes held in its historical walls. Four years of school here will costs you nearly $300,000 out of pocket.


2. University of Chicago – Costly Institute

If you are impressive with Columbia university with its alumni, look at the University of Chicago with 100 alumni who have earned Nobel prizes and has the biggest concentration of achievers than any other university in the world. It offers 51 academic majors and 33 minors and costs $74, 580 per year. 


1. Harvey mud college – Expensive Institute 

Harvey mud college is one of the expensive institutes in the United States. It costs $75,000 dollars per year. It is a member of The Claremont Colleges like Scripps and is located directly across the streets from Scripps. The only majors are in science and engineering. It is well known for its alumni with 2 astronauts and dozens of CEOs. 


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