Tattoo’s and makeup are not too far a stretch from each other. They both represent creativity and artistry in physical form. So it’s not far fetched for a successful tattoo artist to delve into the makeup world, not only in the art of applying it but in creating it as well.

In 2007 Katherine von Drachenberg -best known as Kat Von D– was introduced to the world in the TLC series “LA Ink.” A pale, dark haired Mexican born beauty with a killer smile covered in tats, Von D walked with an undeniable edge –and a talent for sketching and tattoos. On top of that the girl had on a killer makeup look –all the time. Fast-forward several years and that success is found on the shelves at Sephora. No, Von D is not that celebrity with a line of perfume or beauty products with only her name on it and no hands-on participation. More so, her love and talent for tattoo and makeup are evident in every inch of her brand and since 2008 her ever-expanding beauty line has proven her entrepreneurship and artistry.

Kat Von D Beauty harbors all the essentials to make you look, well, flawless.

Via Sephora
Via Sephora

Foundations, concealers, bronzer, blushes, eye palettes, mascara, eyeliners, contour palettes, lipsticks and brushes all deliver -they are true to their purpose and color. In regards to the color there is plenty to choose from in the line and for lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners and eye shadows. The colors vary from neutral to a vast array of a vibrant spectrum. Reds, pinks, purples, greens, blues, neons, metallics -and all the unique moldings amongst them- are found in this line. Aside from the stunning results you will see post-application, the makeup will last you all day. It’s true, your skin won’t blotch, eyes won’t smudge easily and your lipstick will not fade –kind of like a tattoo effect. Especially with the summer around the corner and sweat bound to find your skin and drinks prone to find your lips, its safe to say Von D’s makeup will do an amazing job of staying in place for a great deal of time. On a side note, the makeup, brushes and their cases are pretty unique themselves -glam queen meets rock-n-roll meets Morticia Addams –think spikes and tiny coffins.

This beauty line truly offers something for all, regardless of personality, age, or tattoo status. The colors and quality of Kat Von D Beauty is for anyone who loves wearing makeup, looking the way they intended and keeping it in place. Last week alone Von D’s Shade + Light Eye Contour palette –released this month- was the number one product at Sephora. Then there are her lipsticks like the matte dusty rose color “Lolita,” which can’t seem to ever stay in stock. Kat Von D Beauty also continues to grow and this July alone you can expect 16 new liquid lip shades.

This year –as in every prior year –Von D is releasing new products that are sure to contribute to her undeniable presence in makeup and beauty. Like the designs she tattoos on people, her makeup is making quite the impression.

Featured Image Via Sephora