Pastor Punches Child Who was Misbehaving

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Religion is something that is taken very seriously by those of faith. For Pastor Eric Dammann, of Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., it is a subject that deserves respect from everyone.

A video was recently discovered of the pastor punching a child because he was acting out and not taking the Lord seriously.

Dammann recalls his actions, which took place thirteen years ago, in this recollection, “So I walked over to him and went, Bam! Punched him in the chest as hard as I could. I crumpled the kid. I just crumpled him. Then I leaned over and said, ‘Ben, when are you going to stop playing games with God?’ I led that man to the Lord right there.”

Dammann also proclaims that he is not proud of what he has done and exclaimed that punching a child is “inexcusable.”

“I do not endorse child abuse or the punching of children. My intention in the sermon was to make a point of how God can use our mistakes. The viral clip does not show the whole sermon, where I say what I did was wrong,” states Dammann.

Since the video has been discovered it has gone viral and can be seen here.

Although Dammann claims that his actions were beyond questionable he still appears to be proud of what he had done. He really believes that assaulting a child has brought him closer to God.

His actions are indeed despicable, and he should not seem proud of striking a child, and then preaching to him while he wallows in pain from a punch from a grown man. Truth is, a lot of children do not understand when to take matters seriously because they are kids, there are positive ways to educate and then there is this pastors method.

No matter how inappropriate a child is behaving, for an adult to strike a child like this just shows how childish and ill tempered that adult is. The pastor was not his parent, he had no association with him, and even if he did this as a form of “education” it’s disgusting.

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