Usain Bolt Selects Three Football Players a Dream 4x100m Relay Race

  • The fastest man on earth had a brief experience in the football world
  • He is considering a fantasy 4×100 meters sprint with his top 3 picks from the world soccer pitch
Usain Bolt selects three football players for his dream 4x100m relay race
Photo by Usain Bolt on Facebook

So the fastest man on earth is at it again. This time, he is causing a stir of excitement in the football arena. What if you were to witness a 4X100 meters dream relay in the cause of this decade? What if this relay would have sprinkles of excitement because it involved your favorite football stars? Well, the Olympic star Usain Bolt has all hands on deck regarding the matter. Usain Bolt selects three football players for his dream 4x100m relay race. It is not just any race but the Olympic dash that would have the world’s attention.

A Change of Career

Usain Bolt is the master of the incredible 100 meters dash and a renowned world record holder of the race. He quite recently decided to take his speed to the football pitch. He joined the Central Coast Mariners football club of Australia on a trial basis to see if he had the dash for the game. The world’s fastest man was on a path to prove to the world that nothing is impossible. His change of career seemed impossible and unimaginable. Who retires from Olympic sprinting and goes right away into trials for a professional football career? Well, if you can move at the speed of Bolt, it’s pretty sure that you won’t find any hurdles worth your attention.

His input in the football world highlighted some sparks for soccer fans. The 32-year-old had an eye on the price and was accelerating towards it. He, however, decided to put a lid on his football dream when presented with an offer to join the A-League contenders Central Coast Mariners. The contract also had a promise from potential commercial partners that would make his time in the club worth his while. He was, however, grateful for the embrace of the staff and fans of the club that made him feel at home. It seemed that the $150, 000 dollar deal offer he received from the club was way below the $3 million quotes he had in mind. If it took him 9.2 seconds to break the 100 meters sprint record, its a matter of time for his speed to bring him someplace else.

A Fantasy Relay Race or Speculation?

On a Q&A with the giant football influencers, Bolt made his thoughts clear on the matter. He was asked if, at a point, he had to choose 3 teammates from the football world to join him in a 4×100 meters relay dash. The three names he mentioned were absolute speed monsters in the football pitch. Usain Bolt selects three football players for his dream 4x100m relay race as Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Kylian Mbappe. His selection seemed not to be random as his brief experience in professional football gave him more thoughts to process. He realized that you couldn’t be quite as fast as you think when at the same time, you have to control a ball with your feet. 

Selected Players Bios

All his three selections were football Forwards and Strikers. Christiano Ronaldo is currently a Juventus club Forward with an impressive run on goals scored and striking prowess. Kylian Mbappe is a PSG club forward with an impressive pace on the field and currently considered as the fastest striker in football. Gareth Bale, on the other hand, is a monster striker with also an incredible sprint and ball control prowess.  

Therefore, if Usain Bolt selects three football players for his dream 4x100m relay race and it was up to an opinion poll, Bolt and Mbappe are better off starting or finishing the race. The pair of Ronaldo and Bale would be genius for building the momentum from the starting runner to the finishing runner. They are the perfect pace setters.  

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